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Whether you are looking for duplexes, eight-plexes or large apartment complexes, we can assist you in buying or selling multi family properties and analyzing their financial performance and how they stack up against other similar properties. We can also assist you in finding quality management companies for any properties you may acquire.

Whether you are a first time commercial real estate investor or an experienced one, the Accord Commercial Team can assist you in locating good investment properties whether they are fully leased performing assets or turn around projects.  We can assist you in analyzing the cash flow, principal reduction, net operating income, capitalization rates, depreciation benefits and potential appreciation of various properties so you can compare your return on investment to other potential investment options.  Knowing the tenant market helps us understand what tenants are looking for and we can use that knowledge to help make sure that you do not end up with an investment property that is not a good investment.  While real estate investment is not a get rich quick plan, it can certainly play a vital role in diversifying your asset mix and building long term wealth as tenants buy the property for you over time through their rental payment.  Even if you donĂ•t have sufficient funding to acquire a property on your own, we can also help you become involved in private equity groups that pool their funds to collectively acquire, own and operate commercial properties to begin enjoying the benefits of real estate investment. 

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